It occurred to me that my life is half over and although I have done a lot of things during my life that most
people never get to experience, I haven't done everything I want to do yet.  So here goes - my own personal
1.   Drive the Pacific Coast Highway with someone I love.
2.   Spend a night in a historic hotel.
3.   Take the ICE.
4.   Cross a country entirely by bike.
5.   Learn another language.
6.   Go to Carnival in Venice, New Orleans, Cologne and Rio.
7.   Live like a local for a month in a foreign country.
8.   Volunteer abroad.
9.   Attend the Olympics.
10.  Go to Oktoberfest.
11.  Learn to sail.
12.  Learn to make a national dish. 
13.  Attend a music festival in another country.
14.  Go to burning man.
15.  Shake hands with someone who has changed history.
16.  Publish an article about my travels.
17.  Visit the grave of an icon.
18.  Visit St. Petersburg.
19.  Go to the top of the Eiffel tower. 
20.  ? 

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